My Creativity


Your Success

Hello, I am Lydia

I dream big and work hard to follow what I am passionate about.  I have been invested into drawing and design since I was very young.  My inspirations for design concepts have been of the patterns of life itself. 

Being able to make a career of incredible variety has been exciting to me.  I enjoy the challenge of building branding identities, templates, business cards, and ads.  I love completing awesome creative projects and meeting new people to work with. 

Other than designing branding identities, creating professional documents, and working with a large variety of creative commissions...I also love making coloring books, unique paintings, and designing fantasy characters... often times inspired by dreams.  I am currently working on game development, animation, and picking up certifications in HTML5, CSS, and Java.


Discovering the power of digital art in 2014 has changed so much of my life in fantastic ways.  My dream is to become a well rounded designer and be able to work internationally on a variety of campaigns.

Your Support Goes to Education

I am thankful to friends and professionals who have supported my journey as a designer by commissioning me for work throughout college and after.  

All money received from commissions goes directly back into webinars, classes and certifications that takes my design experience to the next level. 

Want to start a project?

Please read terms and conditions before we agree to start a design. 

 It will keep both of us happy!

Terms and Conditions (docx)